Monday, February 18, 2013

About Me!

I am from the best city in the world, Yup you guessed it New York City. I currently live in Tempe, AZ. but will always be a New York girl at heart. I am a mother of  a beautiful, spunky, sassy daughter named Isabella A.K.A Bella, Bells, Izzy, and Isa. These are all names I will refer to her at some point in my blog. I am creating this blog to simply do something fun and share crafting ideas, mommy tips, and my adventure with all of you. My husband, I will call him Hubby or sometimes I will refer to him as baby daddy:), is the reason for who I am today. He is simply Amazing!!! I am definitely not perfect but I attempt everyday to be the best mama and wifey I can be. I get inspired easily and my mind is always looking for what project I can get my hands on next. From making my house  cuter, finding fun and creative meals for my daughter so shes is never bored to helping my closest friends and family planning their weddings and kids birthday parties. I am excited to share this adventure with you.


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