Sunday, February 24, 2013

House Guests

This past weekend we had some very special Guests! Friends of the hubby's , which I consider my friends now too. Yay! We were very excited to have them stay with us and spend some much needed Q.T. time together.

When anyone comes  stay with us I like to prepare for our guest to make there stay as comfortable as possible ( I'm so thoughtful):). Here are some things I like to do to prepare.

 I love to get fresh flowers for the house. There is something that flowers just do to the home and they smell amazing and are just beau-tee-ful. This is a must always have fresh clean sheets on all the beds that way your guest can have a great rest from all the traveling they have done to come see you. For our friends this one is muy importante, having their favorite alcholic Bevy because there is gonna be a whole lot of drinking going on. What I like to do for all my lady guest is get them body wash and a loufa just in case they forgot those things at home. Last but not least stock your fridge with snacks and finger food when you have a long day of traveling all you wanna do is have some yummy food.

Anything to make them feel at home!!!

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