Monday, March 18, 2013

Little Distractions

I wanted to blog about this amazing jewelry I found on Etsy! Its called Little Distraction! The shop owner Lani LD sent me some pieces of jewelry to review . They are adorable!  I also purchased bracelets from them in the past that I'm obsessed with. I have worn the rings twice and have gotten so many compliments! Lani sent two different styles of rings that are available on Etsy! They both are  wire rings one that's says love and one that is the & symbol. I will definitely be a customer for a very long time. The Love ring is $5.75 and the & ring is $4.95 there available in sizes 4-13 and it comes in silver, gold and copper. I would suggest to go check them out A.S.A.P! Oh and did I mention there packaging is super Cute!!!