Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bucket List!

Lately I have been thinking about making a Bucket List. I am always thinking of things I want to do before I "Kick the Bucket". Some of the things on my list are silly and some things are the normal like travel the world, visit Paris, do something AMAZING! I have made my list some what short because I get overwhelmed easily and this way It makes me feel like everything on my list will be achieved one day. I know a little O.C.D. Anyway here are my top 5!!!

1.) Get a  Psychic reading
2.) Run The Color Me Rad Race

3.) Have another baby
4.)Buy a house
5.) Visit Washington D.C.

What's on your Bucket List?


  1. Love your list, here is mine. walk the Brooklyn bridge, which I will do in June, go to Spain, make peace with someone in my family.

  2. I would Like to walk the brooklyn bridge too!

  3. i definitely want to have a psychic reading done... but i get nervous about it too. color runs are SO much fun! do it! and DC... amazing. sooo amazing!