Friday, March 15, 2013

Wedding Cards!

I saw this idea on Pinterest on making a book out of your wedding cards. I have been thinking about what do do with the cards because they have been sitting in a box in my closet. I was actually thinking about throwing them away, I know thats crazy talk. It is fairly simple to make! Here are the things you will need.

- Scrapbook paper
- Card stock
- Scizzors
- Glue stick
- Ribbon
- Album rings
- Hole puncher

Measure your largest card you have. That will be the size you cut your scrapbooking paper and card stock. Once measured and cut, glue the scrapbooking paper onto the cardstock you have to make two of these one for the cover of the book and one for the back. Then punch holes in the top left corner of each card, once thats done put them threw the album ring. I tied a ribbon around the book to have it close and stay together plus it looks pretty and I also got a cute Mr.&Mrs. decal to put on the cover. I really enjoyed this project, I got to read through all my wedding cards again which  made me cry and I also have a  keepsake gift, that I plan to give to Isabella when she is a grown lady:)

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